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One step open fermentation for lactic acid production from inedible starchy biomass by thermophilic Bacillus coagulans IPE22

Wang, Yujue, Cao, Weifeng, Luo, Jianquan, Qi, Benkun, Wan, Yinhua
Bioresource technology 2019 v.272 pp. 398-406
Bacillus coagulans, alpha-amylase, batch fermentation, biomass, cassava, enzyme activity, glucan 1,4-alpha-glucosidase, lactic acid, liquefaction, saccharification, starch
The aim of this study was to establish a simplified operational process for lactic acid (LA) production by Bacillus coagulans IPE22 from inedible starchy biomass with open fermentation method. First, 29.47 mU/mg specific amylase activity was detected in direct batch fermentation from soluble starch, but the activity of the produced amylase was too low for effective production of LA. Then seven batches from 72 g/L soluble starch were conducted without sterilization. It was found that one step simultaneous liquefaction, saccharification and fermentation (SLSF) with the addition of mesothermal α-amylase and glucoamylase was the optimal mode with LA concentration, yield and productivity of 68.72 g/L, 0.99 g/g and 1.72 g/L h respectively. Finally, inedible starchy biomass, cassava and sorghum flours, were proved to be alternatives to refined soluble starch. For the first time, one step open SLSF of inedible starchy biomass was reported for LA production by B. coagulans.