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Establishing the impact of Fusarium culmorum infection and fungicide treatment on wheat malt quality

Mastanjević, Kristina, Španić, Valentina, Horvat, Daniela, Mastanjević, Krešimir, Šarkanj, Bojan, Krstanović, Vinko, Šantek, Božidar
Journal of food processing and preservation 2018 v.42 no.10 pp. e13714
Fusarium culmorum, brewing, fungi, fungicides, genotype, grain quality, malt, malting, mycotoxins, pesticide application, protein content, spores, starch, varietal resistance, wheat
The objectives of this study were to investigate the impact of Fusarium culmorum infection and fungicide application on malt quality of two domestic wheat genotypes, Lucija and Osk.110/09. Wheat genotypes were subjected to four different field treatments: control/natural conditions (1), fungicide treatment (2), inoculated with F. culmorum spores and treated with fungicide (3), and inoculated with F. culmorum spores (4). Lucija was a less susceptible genotype to Fusarium infection, in contrast to Osk.110/09, which showed off as more susceptible genotype. Standard malting procedure for wheat malt was implemented followed by quality and mycotoxins analysis. Results indicated that malt quality varied, depending on the genotype and applied treatment, but overall conclusions indicate that genotype Lucija is more appropriate for malting, and fungicide treatment efficiently improved malt quality. PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS: Genotype resistance seems to be of importance in suppressing Fusarium infections, but fungicide application is also an important factor for ensuring the grain quality. Fungal influence is mostly noted in heighten protein content, which is not desirable for malting and brewing, and a decline of starch content in wheat grain. Fungicide application helped reduce the grain degradation and positively affected most wheat grain, wheat malt and wort quality indicators. The knowledge on variety resistance and fungicide application impact on wheat and malt quality contributes to the marketability of wheat intended for malting.