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Effect of aqueous ozone on quality and shelf life of shredded green bell pepper (Capsicum annuum)

Ummat, Viruja, Singh, A. K., Sidhu, G. K.
Journal of food processing and preservation 2018 v.42 no.10
Capsicum annuum, ascorbic acid, byproducts, chlorine, color, disinfectants, firmness, food processing, food safety, fresh market, fruit products, microbial load, microbiological quality, oxidants, ozonation, ozone, physicochemical properties, polypropylenes, refrigeration, sanitizing, shelf life, sweet peppers, texture, total soluble solids
The effects of aqueous ozone (1–3 mg/L; 1–5 min) treatments on shelf life of capsicum (bell pepper) shreds, some physicochemical characteristics (gas analysis, physiological loss in weight, texture, ascorbic acid, total colour difference and total soluble solids content), microbiological quality and overall acceptability were investigated. After the treatments, the shreds were packed in polypropylene packages and stored under refrigerated conditions (5 ± 0.5°C, 85% ± 5%RH). The analysis of the study indicated that the exposure to ozone treatments above 2.4 mg/L for higher durations significantly reduced the microbial load and showed better retention of other quality parameters like ascorbic acid, firmness, colour and overall acceptability. The ozone treatment (2.4 mg/L) for 5 min and packing in polypropylene packages kept under (5 ± 0.5°C, 85% ± 5% RH) prolonged the shelf life and maintained the quality of minimally processed capsicum for 14 days as against 8 days only in case of control samples. PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS: Ozone is an important oxidant as well as a popular disinfecting agent, used as an innovative food processing technology, which enhances shelf life as well as guarantees food safety. It has been used for industrial purposes, dealing with ready to use (RTU) fresh cut vegetables, in replacement of other chemicals like chlorine which produce harmful by‐products and alter the quality. Ozone treatment is considered as an effective sanitizing technology in the fresh produce industry and its usage for fresh cut fruits and vegetables is increasing. The ozone treatments were found to be beneficial in enhancing the shelf life of fresh cut capsicum shreds without altering the quality indices.