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Investigation of the Catalyst in the Cellulose-DMEU, Reaction : Part I: Effect of Catalyst upon the Physical and Chemical Properties of the Finished Cottons'

Ziifle, Hilda M., Berni, Ralph J., Benerito, Ruth R.
Textile research journal 1961 v.31 no.4 pp. 349-365
catalysts, chlorine, cotton, fabrics, infrared spectroscopy, magnesium, magnesium chloride, nitrates, physicochemical properties, spectral analysis, textile fibers, zinc
Cotton print cloth (80 X 80) has been treated with 8% solutions of DMEU in the presence of inorganic salt catalysts at constant molar concentration of the metallic ion. The four catalysts employed—MgCl₂, Zn(NO₃)₂, Mg(NO₃)₂, and ZnCl₂—were studied at 0.006 M, 0.03 M, and 0.1 M concentrations. A comparative study has been made of the physical and chemical properties, swelling behavior as revealed by microscopical techniques, and infrared absorption spectra of all specimens. It has been found that absorption spectra differ with treatment, depending on the absence or presence of a catalyst; that the catalyst enters into the reaction; and that the final properties of the treated fabrics are influenced by catalyst concentration. Consideration is also given to the effect of catalyst upon chlorine damage.