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The Torsional Properties of Single Wool Fibers. Part II

Feughelman, M., Mitchell, T.W.
Textile research journal 1961 v.31 no.5 pp. 455-459
crosslinking, deformation, fabrics, hydrogen bonding, models, pH, polymers, temperature, textile fibers, wool
Torque-twist and torsional relaxation tests on single wool fibers in water over the temperature range 7° C. to 44° C. show a rapid change with temperature. This change indicates that torsional properties are dependent upon a rate process mechanism. In a previous paper it was postulated that these properties can be explained in terms of a matrix in the wool fiber acting as a cross-linked polymer stabilized by a network of polar bonds. The drastic change in torsional properties of the wool fibers when the pH is changed from∼6.5 to 1.0 indicated that some of the bonds are salt-linkages : others will be hydrogen bonds. However, it is pointed out on the basis of the proposed model, that whereas the hydrogen bonds in the network can break and remake during mechanical deformation of the fiber, the salt-linkages on breaking apparently do not remake.