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Supplied Oxygen Properties of NiO/NiAl₂O₄ in Chemical Looping Re-Forming of Biomass Pyrolysis Gas: The Influence of Synthesis Method

Sun, Yan, Jiang, Enchen, Xu, Xiwei, Wang, Jiamin, Li, Zhiyu
ACS sustainable chemistry & engineering 2018 v.6 no.11 pp. 14660-14668
biomass, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, hydrogen, methane, nickel oxide, oxidation, oxygen, particle size, pyrolysis
In this paper, the oxygen supplied properties of NiO/NiAl₂O₄ synthesized via different methods were investigated. Imp OCs showed the highest effective oxygen amounts of 14.08% (9.32%(NiO) and 4.76% (NiAl₂O₄)) and medium oxygen releasing rate via CO-TGA. The O transfer rate of OCs synthesized with the precipitation method is slow due to the big particle size. The supplied oxygen content is much less at the first stage for OCs, because NiO is inside the NiAl₂O₄, and the strong interaction is between NiO and NiAl₂O₄. The supplied O rate of Imp OCs is proper (not too fast or too slow) due to the uniform distribution and moderate particle size of NiO, and there is a proper interaction between NiO and NiAl₂O₄. The CH₄ chemical looping re-forming varied from the full oxidation (CH₄ → CO₂) to partial oxidation (CH₄ → CO) followed by cleavage reaction (CH₄ → H₂ + C), depending on the content of effective supplied oxygen amount in OCs. Moreover, it also proved that CO-TGA and CH₄ chemical looping re-forming in the fixed bed are two effective methods for analyzing the supplied oxygen properties of OCs.