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Extraordinarily Low Friction and Wear of Epoxy-Metal Sliding Pairs Lubricated with Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel

Guo, Lihe, Li, Guitao, Guo, Yuexia, Zhao, Fuyan, Zhang, Ligang, Wang, Chao, Zhang, Ga
ACS sustainable chemistry & engineering 2018 v.6 no.11 pp. 15781-15790
aluminum oxide, carbon fibers, energy efficiency, friction, heat, longevity, lubricants, lubrication, nanocomposites, nanoparticles, starvation, sulfur
Utilization of ultralow sulfur diesel (ULSD) having intrinsically low lubricity has been mandated in more and more countries for meeting increasingly stringent emission regulations. Our work demonstrated that epoxy hybrid nanocomposites, reinforced with carbon fibers and Al₂O₃ or AlN nanoparticles, offered extraordinarily low friction and wear when lubricated with ULSD. More interestingly, when sliding took place under lubricant starvation conditions, almost no wear took place thanks to the formation of a nanostructured tribofilm. We investigated comprehensively heat and stress activated physical and chemical actions occurring at friction interfaces. It was revealed that the lubricious and robust tribofilm grew while complex molecular species released from the nanocomposites were fed constantly onto the contact zone. The present work paved a route for tuning interface nanostructures of large numbers of motion components subjected to harsh lubrication conditions toward extremely high energy efficiency and long lifespan.