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Mechanics of Elastic Performance of Textile Materials : Part XII: Relation of Certain Geometric Factors to the Tear Strength of Woven Fabrics

Teixeira, N.A., Platt, M.M., Hamburger, W.J.
Textile research journal 1955 v.25 no.10 pp. 838-861
cellulose acetate, dimensional stability, fabrics, frequency distribution, mechanics, textile fibers, texture, yarns
Tongue-tear tests were made on samples of acetate fabrics, varying certain controlled factors: weave, texture, yarn twist, and yarn structure. An analysis of the resulting experimental data showed certain relationships between these fabric factors and tear strength. A qualitative discussion was made of tearing action—the influence on tear strength of various types of fabric distortion at or near the tear such as yarn pull-out force, crimp, cover factors, and dimensional stability in the plane of the fabric. Then the relationships between these types of distortion and the variable fabric factors were examined. The actual "mechanism of tear" in the tongue-tear test was theoretically investigated from the nature of the frequency distribution of load drops through the geometry of the tear structure to the synthesis of the tear diagram. Then the effects of the tails and the untorn fabric were studied; finally, all components were studied together.