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Studies of the Dyeing of Nylon with Acid Dyes : Part I: Measurement of Affinity and the Mechanism of Dyeing

Atherton, E., Downey, D.A., Peters, R.H.
Textile research journal 1955 v.25 no.12 pp. 977-993
anions, desorption, dyeing, dyes, equations, fabrics, nylon, textile fibers, thermodynamics, wool
The dyeing of nylon with acid dyes has been investigated in greater detail than hitherto and the mechanism postulated by earlier workers has been confirmed, with minor reservations. The affinities for nylon of 12 acid dyes have been determined by desorption with inorganic anions and a more generally applicable equation has been evolved for the relationship between desorption data and affinity. This equation is based upon statistical thermodynamic consideration of the dye-fiber system, and the validity of its application to dye and inorganic anions of any basicity is confirmed by the experimental data. The results obtained have enabled some conclusions to be reached regarding the effect on affinity of structural variations within a related series of dyes. A comparison of the data for nylon with the well-established values for wool has shown a satisfactory measure of agreement.