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Highly Sensitive Color Tunablility by Scalable Nanomorphology of a Dielectric Layer in Liquid-Permeable Metal–Insulator–Metal Structure

Yu, Eui-Sang, Lee, Sin-Hyung, Bae, Young-Gyu, Choi, Jaebin, Lee, Donggeun, Kim, Chulki, Lee, Taikjin, Lee, Seung-Yeol, Lee, Sin-Doo, Ryu, Yong-Sang
ACS applied materials & interfaces 2018 v.10 no.44 pp. 38581-38587
color, durability, materials science, refractive index, wavelengths
A liquid-permeable concept in a metal–insulator–metal (MIM) structure is proposed to achieve highly sensitive color-tuning property through the change of the effective refractive index of the dielectric insulator layer. A semicontinuous top metal film with nanoapertures, adopted as a transreflective layer for MIM resonator, allows to tailor the nanomorphology of a dielectric layer through selective etching of the underneath insulator layer, resulting in nanopillars and hollow voids in the insulator layer. By allowing outer mediums to enter into the hollow voids of the dielectric layer, such liquid-permeable MIM architecture enables to achieve the wavelength shift as large as 323.5 nm/RIU in the visible range, which is the largest wavelength shift reported so far. Our liquid-permeable approaches indeed provide dramatic color tunablility, a real-time sensing scheme, long-term durability, and reproducibility in a simple and scalable manner.