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Population changes and growth modeling of Salmonella enterica during alfalfa seed germination and early sprout development

Kim, Won-Il, Ryu, Sang Don, Kim, Se-Ri, Kim, Hyun-Ju, Lee, Seungdon, Kim, Jinwoo
Food science and biotechnology 2018 v.27 no.6 pp. 1865-1869
Salmonella enterica, alfalfa, models, population density, population dynamics, prediction, seed germination, seeds, temperature
This study examined the effects of alfalfa seed germination on growth of Salmonella enterica. We investigated the population changes of S. enterica during early sprout development. We found that the population density of S. enterica, which was inoculated on alfalfa seeds was increased during sprout development under all experimental temperatures, whereas a significant reduction was observed when S. enterica was inoculated on fully germinated sprouts. To establish a model for predicting S. enterica growth during alfalfa sprout development, the kinetic growth data under isothermal conditions were collected and evaluated based on Baranyi model as a primary model for growth data. To elucidate the influence of temperature on S. enterica growth rates, three secondary models were compared and found that the Arrhenius-type model was more suitable than others. We believe that our model can be utilized to predict S. enterica behavior in alfalfa sprout and to conduct microbial risk assessments.