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Exploring the applicability of tamarind gum for making gluten-free rice bread

Jang, Kyoung-jin, Hong, Ye Eun, Moon, Yujin, Jeon, Soojeong, Angalet, Stevan, Kweon, Meera
Food science and biotechnology 2018 v.27 no.6 pp. 1639-1648
batters, breadmaking quality, breads, gluten-free foods, pH, pasting properties, pectins, rice, rice flour, smell, sourness, tamarinds, viscosity, xanthan gum
The present study explored the applicability of tamarind gum in making gluten-free rice bread. Hydration properties of gums and pasting properties of rice flour with the gums were analyzed with Rapid ViscoAnalyzer. Batter properties and bread quality characteristics of rice bread containing gums were analyzed. Except for guar and xanthan gum, the final viscosity after hydration of other gums and the pasting properties of rice flour with the gums were similar. The batter properties and the quality of rice bread containing tamarind gum were equivalent or superior to those containing other gums. Cross-sections of rice bread showed that addition of tamarind gum and pectin resulted in a fine appearance, but pectin may not be preferred due to its lower pH causing unpleasant sour taste and smell of the rice bread containing the gum. Therefore, tamarind gum can be a useful gum for applying to make gluten-free rice bread.