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Experimental and numerical study on the energy absorption abilities of trabecular–honeycomb biomimetic structures inspired by beetle elytra

Yu, Xindi, Pan, Longcheng, Chen, Jinxiang, Zhang, Xiaoming, Wei, Peixing
Journal of materials science 2019 v.54 no.3 pp. 2193-2204
Coleoptera, EBEP (herbicide), absorption, biomimetics, combs (social insects), cracking, deformation, elytra, energy, engineering, finite element analysis
This study proposes a type of trabecular–honeycomb biomimetic structures with high-efficiency energy-absorbing abilities inspired by beetle elytra. Because the trabecular structure is distributed at the ends of the honeycomb walls, the proposed structure is named an end-trabecular beetle elytron plate crash box, or EBEP crash box for simplification. A comparison between the EBEP crash box and conventional crash box (a buffering structure generally used in modern devices and vehicles) is conducted using compression experiments and finite element method. We present the following results. (1) In contrast to the fluctuation stage with a low force in a conventional crash box, the force–displacement curve of the EBEP crash box possesses a rising stage and an approximate plateau with a higher force; as a result, the absorbing energy ability and compression force efficiency are 5 and 2.6 times greater than those of a conventional crash box, respectively. (2) Experimental and numerical comparisons reveal that there is cracking failure in the conventional crash box; however, the coordinated and uniform S-typed laminated compression deformation is developed in the EBEP crash box. (3) The influences of the amplitude (A) of the sine wave deformation line on the peak force and the compression force efficiency of the EBEP crash box are investigated, thereby providing a feasible method for adjusting the peak force according to different engineering requirements. These results provide new inspiration for applying EBEP crash boxes and exploiting new buffering structures and materials in the energy-absorbing field.