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Hydrothermal synthesis and fast photoresponsive characterization of SnS2 hexagonal nanoflakes

Tian, He, Fan, Chao, Liu, Gangzha, Zhang, Yonghui, Wang, Mengjun, Li, Erping
Journal of materials science 2019 v.54 no.3 pp. 2059-2065
detectors, hot water treatment, molybdenum disulfide, photovoltaic cells, prototypes, tin
As an emerging material of layered metal dichalcogenides (LMDs), tin disulfide (SnS₂) has huge potentials in visible-light detectors and photovoltaic devices due to its 2.0–2.6 eV band gap. However, its photoresponsive characteristic is still relative rarely investigated compared to other LMDs, such as MoS₂. Herein, SnS₂ nanoflakes are synthesized by a facile and fruitful hydrothermal method, and photoresponsive characteristics are investigated. At first detailed phase structure, morphology and constitution are characterized. This SnS₂ is flake-like with a mean diameter of ~ 500 nm, and the atomic ratio of Sn to S is 1:2.1. Furthermore, prototype photodetectors are fabricated and characterized to explore photoresponsive characteristics of these SnS₂ nanoflakes. The results show that SnS₂ nanoflakes have excellently stable and repeatable photoresponse property to 532 nm and 405 nm incidents. In particular, it reveals a fast response time of 7.3 ms to the 405 nm incident, which enables SnS₂ nanoflakes promising candidate for photodetectors.