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Registration of Cotton Germplasm Line, MD 10-5

Linghe Zeng, Rex O. Manning, William R. Meredith
Journal of plant registrations 2016 v.10 no.1 pp. 47-50
Agricultural Research Service, Gossypium hirsutum, breeding, cotton, cultivars, germplasm evaluation, germplasm releases, lint yield, micronaire, Mississippi
MD 10-5 (Reg. No. GP-999, PI 675077) is a noncommercial breeding line of cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) released by the USDA-ARS at Stoneville, MS, in 2015. MD 10-5 was selected in F₅ progenies from a cross between MD 15 (PI 642769) and JJ 1145ne. MD 10-5 has a desirable combination between lint yield and fiber properties, especially fiber strength. It produces lint yield higher than or comparable to the high-yielding commercial cultivars and possesses fiber strength higher than or close to noncommercial germplasm lines known for high fiber quality. Other fiber properties including fiber length, elongation, uniformity, micronaire, and yarn tenacity were generally comparable to the high fiber quality checks. MD 10-5 was mainly selected and evaluated in the mid-south United States, but it was also evaluated across 14 locations in the US Cotton Belt. It displays a broad adaptation to different environments in the US cotton production regions. MD 10-5 provides opportunities for cotton breeders to improve both lint yield and fiber quality in upland cotton.