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Optimization and multivariate accelerated shelf life testing (MASLT) of a low glycemic whole jamun (Syzygium cumini L.) confection with tailored quality and functional attributes

Sehwag, Sneha, Upadhyay, Rohit, Das, Madhusweta
Journal of food science and technology 2018 v.55 no.12 pp. 4887-4900
Syzygium cumini, activation energy, agar, anthocyanins, color, gallic acid, hardness, hydrocolloids, ingredients, pectins, pulp, shelf life, texture
An optimization and multivariate accelerated shelf-life testing (MASLT) was demonstrated to develop a low glycemic (GI) whole jamun (Syzygium cumini L.) confection (WJC) with soft texture and fruity hedonics targeted for diabetic strata. The hydrocolloids viz., agar (1–3 g), pectin (1–3 g), and polydextrose (24–28 g) were optimized [mixture design (MD)] to obtain hydrocolloid mix (HM) with a soft texture. Next, whole jamun ingredients viz, jamun pulp (JP) (20–30 g), seed powder (JSP) (1–5 g), and HM (25–35 g) were optimized (MD + PCA) for satisfactory texture, total polyphenolic content (TPC), and fruity hedonics. The optimized WJC was assayed for GI and modelled by univariate kinetics and MASLT (10–45 °C/75% humidity/120 days). Using MASLT, the collated effects of quality attributes (anthocyanin content, TPC, moisture, hardness, and total color change) were extracted as principal components to estimate new stability parameters viz, multivariate rate constants (kₘ), acceleration factors ([Formula: see text]), activation energy (Eₐₘ), and cut-off criterion. The optimized WJC contains 2.3 g agar, 1.9 g pectin, 27.2 g polydextrose, 26.4 g JP, and 2 g JSP and had satisfactory hardness (1007 g), TPC (2.8 mg gallic acid equivalents/g), and low GI value (48.6). The zero-order kinetic fitting of univariate versus MASLT resulted in [Formula: see text] , Eₐ, and shelf life (10 °C) of 7.8 versus 6.2, 43.81 versus 39.22 kJ/mol and 175 versus 186 days, respectively. MASLT simplified the kinetic interpretations to a single variable by collating the useful information from critical quality parameters and predicted shelf life precisely than univariate kinetics.