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Pediatric Nutrition Private Practice : A Landscape of Opportunity

Castle, Jill L.
Infant, child & adolescent nutrition 2010 v.2 no.4 pp. 222-228
business enterprises, child nutrition, childhood, children, counseling, dietary recommendations, dietitians, nutrition knowledge, patients
The area of private practice for the pediatric registered dietitian (RD) is an exciting and emerging field of opportunity. As the specialized nutritional concerns of children gain national emphasis, and the consumer interest for practical nutrition knowledge increases, the stage is set for the role of the pediatric RD to expand beyond the clinical, hospitalized setting to prevention and treatment and to support endeavors in the private setting. More than ever, families are seeking nutritional guidance and are in need of a reliable resource. Simultaneously, a gap is growing: patient contact time with health care professionals is decreasing while children steadily develop nutritional challenges. The pediatric RD in private practice can close this widening gap by providing nutrition services that aim to prevent and address the numerous nutritional challenges of childhood. Operating a private practice in pediatric nutrition can be a fulfilling, challenging, and creative area for pediatric RDs. Traditional one-on-one counseling, group classes and seminars, consulting, teaching, and writing are just a few examples of the myriad endeavors a pediatric RD can blend into her or his pediatric nutrition business. This article will provide an insight into the personal, practical, and business considerations for starting your own private practice in pediatric nutrition.