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Selenium (Se) uptake and dynamic changes of Se content in soil–plant systems

Song, Tiejun, Su, Xiaosi, He, Jin, Liang, Yukai, Zhou, Tao, Liu, Cong
Environmental science and pollution research international 2018 v.25 no.34 pp. 34343-34350
bioaccumulation factor, corn, crops, factor analysis, plant organs, rice, selenium, soil, soil sampling, soybeans
In this study, we collected crop plants and associated soil samples and determined these for selenium (Se) content to analyze the uptake, enrichment, and translocation of Se in the different soil–plant systems of an agricultural production area, elucidate the dynamic mechanisms relating to Se content in plants and soil during different growth periods, and screen plants for high Se enrichment ability. Bioconcentration factor determinations indicated that the grains of rice have the strongest Se enrichment ability, followed by soybean and corn. Translocation factor analysis indicated that the grains of rice and corn have similar low translocation abilities for Se compared with soybean. Within the study area, the Se content in plants was closely related to the soil available Se content and varied considerably among different growth periods and plant organs. This study provides a theoretical basis for the development and utilization of local agricultural products.