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Sizing and modelling of stand-alone photovoltaic water pumping system for irrigation

Raghuwanshi, Santosh Singh, Khare, Vikas
electric potential, fuzzy logic, harvesting, irrigation
The aim of this study is to calculate the size of the stand-alone solar photovoltaic generator and water pumping system for irrigation. In addition solar photovoltaic generator connects voltage source inverter to vector controlled induction motor-pump system. Perturb and observe method is used for harvesting maximum power of photovoltaic generator. The smooth-starting of motor-pump drive is achieved through the maximum power point tracking method. The operational performance of the solar-water-pump system is kept at 60 m head and supply daily average 35,000 L/day. In this paper result is validated by the comparison fuzzy logic controller and proportional-integral controller, driven by solar-motor-pump system. The results confirmed that fuzzy logic controller based pumping system gives more accurate results as compared to proportional-integral controller based motor-pump system. The fuzzy logic controller increases the accuracy and efficiency of the solar-water-pump system.