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New Iodine Models Family for Simulation of Short-Term Biokinetics Processes, Pregnancy and Lactation

Berkovski, Vladimir
diet, exposure assessment, fetus, iodine, lactation, metabolism, models, mothers, prediction, pregnancy, pregnant women, progeny, radiolabeling, saliva, secretion, urine
Research on iodine metabolism was reviewed with special reference to short-term processes, pregnancy, and lactation. A detailed discussion of the new physiologically-oriented biokinetic model and a model parameterization procedure are given. Predictions of the new model are applicable for the analysis of in vivo and in vitro clinical data gained using iodine or radioactive tracers, as well as for the assessment of radiation exposure doses to mothers and offspring. The model can be used to simulate biokinetic processes in the human body, for prediction of biokinetic parameters such as the time course of thyroid uptake (both for mother and fetus), the rate of exertion with urine, and the level of iodine secretion with saliva and breastmilk. The structure of the model is applicable in a wide range of stable iodine in the diet, both for pregnant and non-pregnant persons.