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Development of high-utilization honeycomb-like α-Ni(OH)₂ for asymmetric supercapacitors with excellent capacitance

Zhou, Shaojie, Cui, Shizhong, Wei, Wutao, Chen, Weihua, Mi, Liwei
RSC advances 2018 v.8 no.65 pp. 37129-37135
capacitance, electrodes, electron transfer, energy density, foams, industrialization, nanosheets, nickel, temperature
The low utilization rate of active materials has been a critical obstacle for the industrialization of ultracapacitors. In this study, a thin layer of cross-structured ultrathin α-Ni(OH)₂ nanosheets was successfully grown in situ on the surface of a nickel foam as a high-conductivity framework by a vibratory water bath route under a low temperature (80 °C) and mild conditions. Combining the ultrathin α-Ni(OH)₂ nanosheets and ultrashort electron transport, the strategy of a perfect intercalation structure of α-Ni(OH)₂ and a thin layer of active material on a continuous conductive framework resulted in a high utilization rate of active material, which further achieved high specific capacitance of 213.55 F g⁻¹ at 1 A g⁻¹ in a two-electrode system and high capacitance retention from three to two electrode system (753.79 F g⁻¹ at 1 A g⁻¹ in the three-electrode system). Meanwhile, the device also achieved high energy density of 74.94 W h kg⁻¹ at power density of 197.4 W kg⁻¹ and still retained 24.87 W h kg⁻¹ at power density of 3642 W kg⁻¹.