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Design and Development of Self-Propelled Garlic Harvester

Sun, Qun, Sui, Yongxiang, Zhao, Ling, Hou, Jialin, Wang, Chong, Ying, Chengqiang, Shangguan, Jinyong
Agricultural research 2018 v.7 no.4 pp. 495-505
cutting, dust, field experimentation, garlic, labor, mechanical harvesting, mechanization, stems, China
Aiming at the current issues involved in garlic harvest in China, such as low mechanization degree, high labor intensity and low efficiency problems, a garlic harvester was designed to realize fully mechanized harvest of single-row planted garlic. The designed garlic harvester included frame, holding and feeding mechanism, clamping and conveying mechanism, digging mechanism, dust removal mechanism, limit cutting mechanism, material guiding and gathering mechanism and transmission mechanism. According to physical characteristics of garlic stems, innovative techniques such as chain-type clamping and conveying mechanism, garlic stem positioning and separating mechanism were proposed. Through simulation and field experiments, parameters such as chain speed, moving knife rotational speed and holding angle were determined and optimized. The experimental results indicated that the self-propelled single-row garlic harvester was able to well accomplish garlic digging, conveying, dust removal, stem cutting and garlic gathering processes. The production efficiency was 453.33 m²/h and the garlic damage rate was 0.43%, which the production needs and improves the efficiency of garlic harvest.