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Correction of pumping station parameters in a one-dimensional hydrodynamic model using the Ensemble Kalman filter

Lei, Xiaohui, Tian, Yu, Zhang, Zhao, Wang, Lingling, Xiang, Xiaohua, Wang, Hao
Journal of hydrology 2019 v.568 pp. 108-118
hydraulic structures, hydrodynamics, hydrologic models, water distribution
Pumping stations (PSs) are common regulation facilities in a water distribution system, with complex hydraulic characteristics and hydraulic parameters. In this study, a data assimilation-based approach was proposed for the correction of PS parameters, in which a 1D hydrodynamic model with PS inner boundary was established, and then the Ensemble Kalman filter (EnKF) framework was used to correct PS parameters. In EnKF framework, the combination of the PS parameters was considered as the state vector, and water levels and discharge as observation vectors. The 1D hydrodynamic model was taken as the observation operator that constructs the mapping relationship between the state and the observation vector. The method's reliability was demonstrated through the case of Niantou PS in the middle route of South-North Water Transfer Project. Verification results show that the proposed method can accurately inverse PS parameters. Compared with the simulation results using PS parameters based on physical model experiments, the PS parameters corrected by the data assimilation method can greatly improve the accuracy of the hydrodynamic simulation. This data assimilation-based method can be used for parameter inversion of other complex hydraulic structures.