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Experimental research on propulsive performance of the pulse detonation rocket engine with a fluidic nozzle

Zhang, Qibin, Wang, Ke, Dong, Rongxiao, Fan, Wei, Lu, Wei, Wang, Yongjia
Energy 2019 v.166 pp. 1267-1275
engines, equipment design, equipment performance, nitrogen, nozzles, pressure, velocity
To explore an effective way for the nozzle design of a pulse detonation rocket engine (PDRE), theoretical and experimental researches have been carried out. The exhaust process and optimal converging/diverging area ratios of a nozzle were theoretically analyzed. Pressure and velocity fluctuations of the exhaust flow were considered to be the major issues. A fluidic solution which employs nitrogen flows in the nozzle throat and divergent section has been tested. The fluidic nozzle is able to adjust the effective area ratios according to the incoming flow. The effective convergent area ratio varied from 2.0 to 2.2, and the divergent one varied from 5.0 to 1.8. It is proved that the fluidic nozzle effectively improved the propulsive performance of the engine. A maximum average thrust increase of 137.8% was obtained in proper conditions.