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Optimal design of generators for H2O/LiBr absorption chiller with multi-heat sources

Lee, Su Kyoung, Lee, Jae Won, Lee, Hoseong, Chung, Jin Taek, Kang, Yong Tae
Energy 2019 v.167 pp. 47-59
absorption, heat recovery, kriging, models, temperature
In this paper, the various optimized generators for H2O/LiBr absorption chiller with multi-heat sources are discussed. While the previous optimization has been mainly conducted for a single element, the integrated generation system including high/low temperature generator and waste heat recovery generator is optimized in this paper. A practical modeling method is proposed for the high/low temperature generator and it has been verified by comparing with experimental results. Meta-models for the volume and the generation rate are built with kriging method, and the generators are optimized by multi-objective optimization technique using the meta-models. The total volume is minimized and the total generation rate is maximized according to five design variables of the generators. It is found that from the optimization process the total volume is decreased by 59.06% and the total generation rate is increased by 31.46% compared to the baseline point. It is concluded that the contribution of the waste heat recovery generator and the high temperature generator are dominant for the total volume reduction and the total generation rate improvement, respectively. Moreover, the effects of the key variables on the performance of each generator are analyzed according to the optimization of the integrated generation system.