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Isolation and functional characterization of SUCROSE SYNTHASE 1 and SUCROSE TRANSPORTER 2 promoters from ramie (Boehmeria nivea L. Gaudich)

Guo, Pingan, Zheng, Yancheng, He, Yanyan, Liu, Lijun, Wang, Bo, Peng, Dingxiang
Gene 2019 v.685 pp. 114-124
Arabidopsis, Boehmeria nivea, abscisic acid, copper sulfate, cotyledons, genes, genetic engineering, leaves, photosynthesis, quantitative polymerase chain reaction, ramie, seedlings, staining, sucrose, sucrose synthase, tissues
Sucrose synthase and sucrose transporter are involved in sucrose metabolism and partitioning of photosynthetic products, respectively. In this study, we cloned SUCROSE SYNTHASE 1 and SUCROSE TRANSPORTER 2 genes from ramie. Real-time quantitative PCR revealed that BnSUS1 and BnSUT2 were widely expressed in the analyzed tissues. Subsequently, the two promoters of BnSUS1 and BnSUT2 were isolated and truncated. The two promoters and their truncated fragments were fused GUS to transform into Arabidopsis. GUS staining showed that BnSUS1pro-1690 and BnSUS1pro-1420 had vascular specificity in cotyledons and mature leaves while BnSUT2pro-2239, BnSUT2pro-1681, BnSUT2pro-1199 and BnSUT2pro-618 had a constitutive function in seedlings and mature organs. Notably, the activity of BnSUT2pro-2239 and its fragments (except that of BnSUT2pro-231) are strongly induced by mechanical wounding. Moreover, BnSUS1pro-1051 and BnSUS1pro-485 are sensitive to CuSO4 treatment while BnSUT2pro-2239 and BnSUT2pro-1681 are sensitive to PEG and ABA treatments, respectively. Our findings will provide the foundation for deciphering the functions of BnSUS1 and BnSUT2, and also expand the promoter library to provide more options for plant genetic engineering.