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Numerical simulation and experimental analysis of an LCPV/T system under real operating conditions

Haiping, Chen, Haowen, Liu, Heng, Zhang, Kai, Liang, Xinxin, Guo, Boran, Yang
Journal of cleaner production 2019 v.209 pp. 903-915
mathematical models, temperature, theoretical models
In this study the performance evaluation of a low concentration photovoltaic/thermal (LCPV/T) module under different operating conditions (fixed flow & outlet temperature) was carried out, numerically and experimentally. In addition, the influences of individual parameters on module performance were also studied. All experiments showed that both the electrical and thermal output first increased and then decreased with time. The maximum experimental values were 470 W and 1916 W, respectively. The electrical and thermal efficiencies, however, first decreased and then increased with time. The maximum respective experimental values were 17.28% and 59.84%. The results also indicated that in general, there were errors of 10%–20% between the theoretical and experimental values. Therefore, modification coefficients were determined to correct the theoretical model. The results showed that the relative error between the modified theoretical value and the experimental value is stable within 5%.