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Biomimetic surface modifications of stainless steel targeting dairy fouling mitigation and bacterial adhesion

Zouaghi, Sawsen, Bellayer, Séverine, Thomy, Vincent, Dargent, Thomas, Coffinier, Yannick, Andre, Christophe, Delaplace, Guillaume, Jimenez, Maude
Food and bioproducts processing 2019 v.113 pp. 32-38
antibacterial properties, bacterial adhesion, biomimetics, calcium, coatings, fouling, models, pasteurization, stainless steel, virulent strains, whey protein
This work aims at presenting and comparing the antifouling and antibacterial behaviour of three biomimetic surfaces targeting dairy fouling reduction, namely atmospheric plasma-sprayed silane-based thin films, lubricated slippery surfaces and femtosecond laser textured lotus-like surfaces. Fouling tests were conducted on a pilot-scale pasteurization plant fed with a model whey protein and calcium foulant solution and tested samples were placed in isothermal holding-like conditions. Detailed characterizations of the substrates before and after fouling test allowed connecting their surface properties to their antifouling performances. The best result was obtained with the nano-rough plasma coatings which led to a substantial fouling reduction for two consecutive pasteurisation runs. These surfaces were subsequently tested towards bacterial adhesion with three different foodborne pathogenic strains, again demonstrating better performances than bare stainless steel.