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A rapid and efficient technique for direct extraction of C-phycocyanin from highly turbid Spirulina platensis algae using hydrophobic interaction chromatography in stirred fluidized bed

Chen, Kuei-Hsiang, Wang, Steven S.-S., Show, Pau-Loke, Lin, Guan-Ting, Chang, Yu-Kaung
Biochemical engineering journal 2018 v.140 pp. 47-56
Arthrospira platensis, adsorbents, adsorption, algae, feedstocks, fluidized beds, hydrophobic interaction chromatography, purification methods
A novel purification process developed by stirred fluidized bed adsorption (SFBA) chromatography was employed to directly purify C-phycocyanin (C-PC) from highly turbid Spirulina platensis. The SFBA column and STREAMLINE Phenyl adsorbent were used in the purification process. The method development was based on the scouting experiments performed in small packed beds. The purification of C-PC by SFBA chromatography was carried out using the optimal conditions obtained from the packed beds. C-PC was purified directly from a highly turbid S. platensis (10%, dw/v) in a single step with a high yield of 64.13% and a purification factor of 3.9. To improve the adsorption performance, the highly concentrated feedstock was diluted to 1%. In this case, high yield (90.36%) recovery of C-PC was achieved with a similar purification factor. SFBA process resulted in higher recovery yield and productivity as compared with the conventional expanded bed adsorption (EBA) process.