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Probiotic Prato cheese consumption attenuates development of renal calculi in animal model of urolithiasis

Martins, Aline A., Santos-Junior, Valfredo A., Filho, Elson R.T., Silva, Hugo L.A., Ferreira, Marcus Vinícius S., Graça, Juliana S., Esmerino, Erick A., Lollo, Pablo C.B., Freitas, Mônica Q., Sant'Ana, Anderson S., Costa, Leonardo Emanuel O., Raices, Renata S.L., Silva, Marcia C., da Cruz, Adriano G., Barros, Márcio E.
Journal of functional foods 2018 v.49 pp. 378-383
Lactobacillus casei, Rattus, abdominal cavity, animal models, animals, blood serum, calcium, calcium oxalate, cheeses, creatinine, dairy consumption, excretion, functional foods, magnesium, males, pH, pellets, potassium, probiotics, radiography, renal calculi, sodium, therapeutics, urea, urinalysis
The effect of probiotic Prato cheese containing Lactobacillus casei 01 (7–8 log CFU/g) on urolithiasis was evaluated. Twenty-four male Rattus novergicus, Wistar line (8 weeks old), with surgical implant of calcium oxalate tablets (CaOx) were used. The animals were organized into four groups (n = 6) randomly divided into: Naive Control (NC); Control of calcium oxalate (CaOx-C); Calcium oxalate with conventional cheese (CC), Calcium oxalate with probiotic cheese (PC). Urinalysis was performed to evaluate volume, density, pH, urea, creatinine, together with serum urea, creatinine, sodium, potassium and magnesium, and latero-lateral radiographs of the abdominal cavity. Only the PC group presented a significant reduction in the size of the pellets (CaOx-C Δ = 1.24 mg, CC Δ = 5.78 mg and e PC Δ = −0.933 mg). Changes in urinary mineral excretion were observed, with a reduction in potassium (NC = 183.7, Caox-C = 313.8, CC = 108, and e PC = 76.4 mmol/L), calcium (NC = 11.0, Caox-C = 3.8, CC = 4.7 and e PC = 3.4 mg/dL. p = 0.002) and magnesium (NC = 11.4, Caox-C = 12.9, CC = 5.7 e PC = 2.4 mg/dL, p = 0.01) excretion. Radiological examination confirmed the role of PC in preventing kidney stone development, which support the PC a superior to the current therapeutics, together with a functional ingredient in nutraceutical applications.