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Enhanced microbial lipid production by Cryptococcus albidus in the high-cell-density continuous cultivation with membrane cell recycling and two-stage nutrient limitation

Fu, Rongzhan, Fei, Qiang, Shang, Longan, Brigham, Christopher J., Chang, Ho Nam
Journal of industrial microbiology & biotechnology 2018 v.45 no.12 pp. 1045-1051
Cryptococcus albidus, carbon nitrogen ratio, feedstocks, fuel production, hemorrhage, lipid content, lipids, recycling
As a potential feedstock for biofuel production, a high-cell-density continuous culture for the lipid production by Cryptococcus albidus was investigated in this study. The influences of dilution rates in the single-stage continuous cultures were explored first. To reach a high-cell-density culture, a single-stage continuous culture coupled with a membrane cell recycling system was carried out at a constant dilution rate of 0.36/h with varied bleeding ratios. The maximum lipid productivity of 0.69 g/L/h was achieved with the highest bleeding ratio of 0.4. To reach a better lipid yield and content, a two-stage continuous cultivation was performed by adjusting the C/N ratio in two different stages. Finally, a lipid yield of 0.32 g/g and lipid content of 56.4% were obtained. This two-stage continuous cultivation, which provided a higher lipid production performance, shows a great potential for an industrial-scale biotechnological production of microbial lipids and biofuel production.