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Influence of enzymes in sourdough wheat breadmaking. Changes in pentosans / Influencia de las enzimas y los iniciadores microbianos en panificación. Cambios en las pentosanas

Martínez-Anaya, M.A., Devesa, A.
Food science and technology international 2000 v.6 no.2 pp. 109-116
Lactobacillus sanfranciscensis, amylases, arabinose, baking, baking quality, breadmaking, carboxylic ester hydrolases, pentosans, solubilization, sourdough, wheat, wheat flour
The effect of the joint use of sourdough and enzymes in breadmaking on total, soluble and insoluble pentosans, and composition of water extractable pentosans was studied. Two wheat flours of differ ent baking quality, two commercial starters (a pure strain of Lactobacillus sanfranciscensis and the multiform starter Böcker) and two commercial enzymes (pentosanase/amylase, lipase, and their com bination) were included in the study. The presence of sourdough starters modified the amount of water extractable pentosans, promoting a solubilization at the dough stage and insolublization dur ing baking, as well as a greater degree of arabinose substitution. Flour and enzymes interacted along the different stages of the process. The pentosanase/amylase increased extractability of pentosans depending on the endogenous pentosan structure of either flour. Both flours showed different degrees of arabinose substitution, which was modified by enyzme treatment, mainly during baking.