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Effect of Cold Storage and Removal Astringency on Quality of Persimmon Fruit (Diospyros kaki, L.) cv. Rojo Brillante

Arnal, L., Del RÌo, M. A.
Food science and technology international 2004 v.10 no.3 pp. 179-185
Diospyros kaki, acetaldehyde, astringency, chilling injury, cold storage, color, ethanol, ethanol production, firmness, fruit quality, fruits, persimmons, storage temperature, storage time, total soluble solids
Cold storage and removal of astringency effects on quality of persimmon fruit cv. Rojo brillante were determined. Persimmon fruit were stored at 1, 8, 11 and 15 ºC (85–90% RH) and after 6, 13, 20, 27 and 34 days of storage at these temperatures, astringency was removed. Fruit quality was assessed after the removal of the astringency and after a simulated retail storage period of 6 days at 20 ºC. Storage temperature affected fruit firmness, colour, appearance, acetaldehyde and ethanol production but not total soluble solids or flavour. Fruit stored at 15 ºC followed by 6 days at 20 ºC maintained the best commercial firmness and the lowest ethanol and acetaldehyde production. Chilling injury was observed after storage at 20 ºC on those fruits previously stored at 1 or 8 ºC.