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Structural heterogeneity in polymeric nitric oxide donor nanoblended coatings for controlled release behaviors

Jeong, Hyejoong, Park, Kyungtae, Yoo, Jae-Chan, Hong, Jinkee
RSC advances 2018 v.8 no.68 pp. 38792-38800
alginates, biocompatibility, coatings, nitric oxide, polyethyleneimine, therapeutics
Nitric oxide (NO) gas delivery has attracted extensive interest due to its endogenous therapeutic functions and potential biomedical applications for the treatment of various diseases. The important thing about NO delivery is the emission control due to the fast diffusion rate of gas molecules. To develop NO delivery platforms using macromolecules and to comprehend the chemical NO donor generation and release mechanisms, we studied branched polyethyleneimine/alginate (BPEI/ALG) nanoblended coatings fabricated by giving structural heterogeneity to the structure through a self-assembly process for the controlled release of gas molecules. NO release could be remarkably expected via the well-organized coating structures and explained by quantification of the NO donors. Taking advantage of these polymeric coatings, this process could be applied to the treatment of various diseases based on the biocompatibility of materials and the fine control of NO release rate and its amount.