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Reaction of Sorghum Lines to Zonate Leaf Spot and Rough Leaf Spot

Prom, Louis K., Isakeit, Thomas, Cuevas, Hugo, Rooney, William L., Perumal, Ramasamy, Magill, Clint
Plant health progress 2015 v.16 no.4 pp. 230-234
Sorghum (Poaceae), breeding programs, genes, growing season, leaf spot, rain, zonate leaf spot, Texas
Abundant, frequent rains along with humid and cloudy conditions during the early part of the 2015 growing season provided conducive conditions for an unusually severe outbreak of zonate leaf spot and rough leaf spot in a block of sorghum lines at the Texas A&M AgriLife Research Farm, Burleson County, near College Station, Texas. This afforded the opportunity to evaluate these lines for reaction to these diseases, which normally occur at trace levels in this area. Out of 181 sorghum lines, including a subset of the sorghum association panel, a total of 13 lines, including Dorado, Sureno, PI576434, PI656005, PI656034, PI656075, PI656024, and PI598070, were resistant to both diseases. These lines could be used in breeding programs to introgress the genes for resistance to both diseases into other adapted lines.