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The use of insurance data in the analysis of Surface Water Flood events – A systematic review

Gradeci, Klodian, Labonnote, Nathalie, Sivertsen, Edvard, Time, Berit
Journal of hydrology 2019 v.568 pp. 194-206
insurance, models, surface water, systematic review
This study employs a systematic literature review to investigate how insurance data can be applied in the analysis of Surface Water Flood events. The study firstly identifies the variables expressing insurance data and those explaining them, together with their interrelationships. Damage variables may be expressed as either monetary-based or number of claims-based. Explaining variables may be subdivided into four categories: meteorological, geographic, demographic and property/building-based. Most of the common and under-researched combinations of these variables and their expression are discussed. Secondly, a comparative analysis is presented of current models, highlighting their differences and similarities. The study demonstrates that the scope and approach of the models varies in relation to scale, the coverage and period of incorporated insurance claims, and the methods used for model development and validation. Thirdly, the study proposes a generic and adaptable framework, constructed from an aggregation of information contained in relevant literature, to define a workflow for model development and future deployment. The study concludes with a discussion of the challenges facing model development and opportunities for deployment.