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Plasticizer incorporated, novel eco-friendly bio-polymer based solid bio-membrane for electrochemical clean energy applications

Perumal, P., Christopher Selvin, P., Selvasekarapandian, S., Sivaraj, P., Abhilash, K.P., Moniha, V., Manjula Devi, R.
Polymer degradation and stability 2019 v.159 pp. 43-53
batteries, biopolymers, carbohydrates, carbonates, cell membranes, clean energy, electric potential, electrochemistry, electrolytes, ethylene, lithium, molecular weight, perchlorates, plasticizers
High-molecular-weight, carbohydrate based Solid Biopolymer Electrolyte (SBE) pectin-lithium perchlorate [C6H10O7:LiClO4 = 60:40 molar mass percentage (m.m.%)] with ethylene carbonate (EC) as plasticizer has been prepared by simple solution casting technique. Addition of EC results in enhanced electrochemical window from 3.39 V to 3.55 V. The flexibility of the SBE is also improved which leads to attain an enriched ionic conductivity of 3.89 × 10−4 Scm−1 in the sample with optimum salt and plasticizer composition. The eco-friendly membrane with highest conductivity contributes good cycling properties and possesses higher value of cationic transference number when compared with other electrolyte samples. A lithium ion conducting battery constructed using the highly conducting polymer membrane sample is used to light up the red LED, display an Open Circuit Voltage (OCV) of 1.65 V.