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Preparation of drug-immobilized anti-adhesion agent using visible light-curable alginate derivative containing furfuryl group

Noh, Seung-Hyun, Kim, Shin-Woong, Kim, Jae-Won, Lee, Tae-Hoon, Nah, Jae-Woon, Lee, Young-Gi, Kim, Mi-Kyung, Ito, Yoshihiro, Son, Tae-Il
International journal of biological macromolecules 2019 v.121 pp. 301-308
alginates, biofilm, cell adhesion, cytotoxicity, drugs, moieties, nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, permeability, tissue repair
This study demonstrated the anti-adhesion and wound healing effect of a visible light curable anti-adhesion agent using an alginate derivative modified with a furfuryl moiety. Visible light-curable furfuryl alginate (F-Alg) was prepared in conjugation with alginate and furfurylamine by an amide coupling reaction, and the conjugated F-Alg was characterized by 1H NMR analysis. The cytotoxicity, cell adhesion, and cell permeability of the F-Alg were evaluated for use in anti-adhesion applications. Drug immobilization and protein release were assessed to verify whether the alginate derivatives and drugs were photo-immobilized. In in vivo anti-adhesion testing, the new anti-adhesion agent prepared in this study acted as a physical protective layer by forming a biofilm on the surgical site. Additionally, along with gradual decomposition of the photo-crosslinked alginate derivative, the immobilized drug was released, and additional effects such as accelerated wound healing are expected. Thus, visible light-curable F-Alg has good application potential as an anti-adhesion agent.