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Compatibility between a rabies vaccine and a combined vaccine against canine distemper, adenovirosis, parvovirosis, parainfluenza virus and leptospirosis

Bouvet, J., Cariou, C., Poulard, A., Oberli, F., Cupillard, L., Guigal, P.M.
Veterinary immunology and immunopathology 2018 v.205 pp. 93-96
Adenoviridae, Protoparvovirus, antibodies, canine distemper, disease control, dogs, leptospirosis, rabies, seroconversion, vaccination, vaccines, viruses
In many cicumstances, veterinarians are requiring to be able to administer rabies vaccine in dogs at the same time as vaccinating against canine distemper, adenovirus, parvovirus, parainfluenza virus and leptospirosis. The aim of this study was to assess the compatibility between a multivalent vaccine and a rabies vaccine when injected at two separate sites. Lack of interference was assessed by comparing serological response to viral components during one year following primary vaccination with vaccines administered alone or concomitantly. Antibody response to all tested components was comparable, irrespective of whether vaccines were administered individually or concurrently. Notably, the rabies vaccine induced very strong and protective seroconversion in dogs, whether it was administered concomitantly with the combo vaccine or not. This facilitates administration of rabies vaccine, which is a key factor for controlling the disease.