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Electrospun nanofiber polymers as extraction phases in analytical chemistry – The advances of the last decade

Háková, Martina, Chocholoušová Havlíková, Lucie, Solich, Petr, Švec, František, Šatínský, Dalibor
Trends in analytical chemistry 2019 v.110 pp. 81-96
analytical chemistry, analytical methods, biotechnology, environmental protection, industry, medicine, microextraction, nanofibers, polymers, sorbents
Nanofiber polymers are known to offer many attractive properties in various areas of research, industry, medicine, environmental protection, and biotechnologies. These outstanding characteristics also make them promising candidates as the extraction sorbents for sample clean-up before analysis in different areas of analytical chemistry. As sorbents in modern extraction techniques, they provide almost unlimited number of opportunities because of the large number of polymeric materials available and their continuing rapid innovations. While searching for novel extraction sorbents in analytical field is like running a marathon, in case of nanofiber polymers it is rather like a sprint. This review summarizes current advancement in application of nanofiber polymers used as sorbents for extraction and sample pretreatment in analytical techniques. New approaches are included that concern polymer modifications for different extraction and microextraction techniques published during the last decade.