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The origin of neural stem cells impacts their interactions with targeted-lipid nanocapsules: Potential role of plasma membrane lipid composition and fluidity

Carradori, Dario, dos Santos, Andreia G., Masquelier, Julien, Paquot, Adrien, Saulnier, Patrick, Eyer, Joël, Préat, Véronique, Muccioli, Giulio G., Mingeot-Leclercq, Marie-Paule, des Rieux, Anne
Journal of controlled release 2018 v.292 pp. 248-255
adsorption, ceramides, cholesterol, dextran, drug delivery systems, fluorescence, lipid content, liquid chromatography, mass spectrometry, membrane fluidity, membrane permeability, nanocapsules, neural stem cells, phosphatidylcholines, phosphatidylethanolamines, plasma membrane, sphingomyelins
The adsorption of a peptide (NFL-TBS.40–63 peptide (NFL)) known to induce neural stem cells (NSC) differentiation in vitro, at the surface of lipid nanocapsules (LNC) provides a targeting drug delivery system (NFL-LNC) that penetrates subventricular zone-neural stem cells (SVZ-NSC) but not central canal-NSC (CC-NSC). We hypothesized preferential interactions could explaine, at least partially, the different properties of SVZ- and CC-NSC plasma membranes. The objective of this work was to compare SVZ- and CC-NSC plasma membrane lipid composition, fluidity and permeability. Plasma membranes of SVZ- and CC-NSC were isolated and analyzed by LC-MS for their lipid content. Membrane fluidity was evaluated by measuring the generalized polarization (GP) of Laurdan and membrane permeability by fluorescent dextran penetration. Liposomes with different lipid compositions and steady state fluidities were prepared. ΔGP was measured after incubation with NFL-LNC. A significantly higher proportion of cholesterol, ceramides, sphingomyelins, phosphatidylethanolamines and a lower proportion of phosphatidylcholines and sulfatides were observed in SVZ- compared to CC-NSC. Fluidity, probably more than lipid composition, drove NFL-LNC and NSC interactions, and SVZ-NSC were more sensitive to NFL permeabilization than CC-NSC. We demonstrated that NSC membrane lipid composition and fluidity depended of NSC origin and that these features could play a role in the specific interactions with NFL-LNC.