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Co-expression profiling of plasma miRNAs and long noncoding RNAs in gastric cancer patients

Ghaedi, Hamid, Mozaffari, Mohammad Amin Nazer, Salehi, Zaker, Ghasemi, Hassan, Zadian, Seyed Sajjad, Alipoor, Sadegh, Hadianpour, Shiva, Alipoor, Behnam
Gene 2019 v.687 pp. 135-142
case-control studies, microRNA, non-coding RNA, pathogenesis, patients, quantitative polymerase chain reaction, stomach neoplasms
The recent researches indicate that differential non-coding RNAs expression signatures could be associated with the pathogenesis of gastric cancer (GC). However, there are few studies focused on lncRNA-miRNAs co-expression profiling in GC patients. Therefore, in the present study the expression of H19 and MEG3 and their related miRNAs including miR-148a-3p, miR-181a-5p, miR-675-5p and miR-141-3p were determined in the plasma samples of GC patients and controls.This case-control study included 62 GC patients and 40 age- sex matched controls. The non-coding RNA levels were assessed by real-time PCR. Further, using in silico analysis, we identified shared targets of studied miRNAs and performed GC-associated pathway enrichment analysis.Our results showed that the H19 level was significantly (P = 0.008) elevated and MEG3 expression was significantly (P = 0.002) down-regulated in GC patients compared to healthy participants. Furthermore, it was revealed that the miR-675-5p level was increased, while miR-141-3p plasma levels were significantly reduced in GC patients (P < 0.05). We did not observe a significant difference for miR-148a-3p (P = 0.682) and miR-181a-5p (P = 0.098) expression between groups. In addition, the expression levels of H19, MEG3 and miR-148a-3p were associated with some clinicopathological features of patients (P < 0.05). ROC analysis revealed that a combination of H19, MEG3 and miR-675-5p levels able to discriminate controls and GC subjects with 88.87% sensitivity and 85% specificity (AUC, 0.927; 0.85–0.96 CI, P < 0.0001).The results of current study demonstrated that combination of H19, MEG3 and miR-675-5p expression levels could provide a potential diagnostic panel for GC.