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The composite biological adjuvants enhance immune response of porcine circovirus type2 vaccine

Guo, Xiaochen, Zheng, Qi, Jiang, Xinghao, Wu, Chao, Zhang, Teng, Wang, Dan, Wang, Xiangxiang, Liu, Tianyan, Wang, Nan, Jiang, Yiyao, Li, Deshan, Ren, Guiping
Veterinary microbiology 2019 v.228 pp. 69-76
Porcine circovirus, T-lymphocytes, adjuvants, agarose, antibodies, granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor, immune response, immunogenicity, interleukin-1, interleukin-17, interleukin-8, mice, piglets, swine diseases, transcription (genetics), vaccines
The porcine circovirus (PCV) is one of the most economically important infection diseases of pigs. Granulocyte–macrophage colony-stimulating factor (GM-CSF) or Flic as an immune adjuvant has been shown to enhance the immunogenicity of vaccines in previous study. However, the composite biological adjuvants stimulate more effective immunological response. In this study, the porcine GM-CSF (pGM-CSF) and FliC protein were expressed by pSUMO in E.coli Rosetta (DE3) and purified by Ni-NTA Sepharose, respectively. The immunogenicity of PCV vaccine with pGM-CSF and FliC was firstly evaluated to identify the immunoenhancement in mice. The results indicated that mice immunized with vaccine + pGM-CSF + FliC enhanced immune responses ability significantly and quickly. Then, the immune response level of PCV vaccine with pGM-CSF and FliC was assessed in piglets. The results indicated that pigs immunized with vaccine + pGM-CSF + FliC showed significantly higher PCV antibody level than those immunized with vaccine and single adjuvant or vaccine alone. Furthermore, pigs in the vaccine + pGM-CSF + FliC group elicited stronger CD4+ and CD8 + T cells proliferative responses than those in all other groups and showed the effectively up-regulated transcriptional level of IL-1, IL-8 and IL-17 stimulating the immune system. We demonstrated that GM-CSF and FliC as composite biological adjuvants of the vaccine showed a stronger immune response and it is promising application for vaccines to against PCV.