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DNAFoil: Novel technology for the rapid detection of food adulteration

El Sheikha, Aly Farag
Trends in food science & technology 2019 v.86 pp. 544-552
DNA, adulterated foods, equipment, food safety, human health, polymerase chain reaction, rapid methods, technology
Adulteration in food is a menace, which all of us face since the beginning of civilization, as it not only decreases the quality of food products but also results in a continuing problem with significant consequences for human health and economic damage. Hence, the detection of food adulteration became an essential requirement for ensuring both the quality and safety of foods. Indeed, the current sophisticated lab methodologies are accurate and reliable, but their disadvantages are time-consuming, technically challenging and costly. Therefore, considerable interest has emerged in developing rapid techniques for food adulteration detection in which a common person can perform at the level of the household. DNAFoil is a portable, completely self-administered, on-site DNA test that does not require expensive PCR equipment or laboratory settings to confirm detection of food adulteration in as little as 30 minutes. Our intent is to suggest the DNAFoil technology as a novel, rapid, easy, potent and universal approach for food adulteration detection.