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Single base resolution mapping of 2′-O-methylation sites in human mRNA and in 3′ terminal ends of small RNAs

Hsu, Phillip J., Fei, Qili, Dai, Qing, Shi, Hailing, Dominissini, Dan, Ma, Lijia, He, Chuan
Methods 2019 v.156 pp. 85-90
eukaryotic cells, humans, messenger RNA, ribonucleosides, ribose, ribosomal RNA, transfer RNA, viruses
The post-transcriptional modification 2′-O-Methyl (2′OMe) could be present on the ribose of all four ribonucleosides, and is highly prevalent in a wide variety of RNA species, including the 5′ RNA cap of viruses and higher eukaryotes, as well as internally in transfer RNA and ribosomal RNA. Recent studies have suggested that 2′OMe is also located internally in low-abundance RNA species such as viral RNA and mRNA. To profile 2′OMe on different RNA species, we have developed Nm-seq, which could identify 2′OMe sites at single base resolution. Nm-seq is particularly useful for identifying 2′OMe sites located at the 3′ terminal ends of small RNAs. Here, we present an optimized protocol for Nm-seq and a protocol for applying Nm-seq to identify 2′OMe sites on small RNA 3′ terminal ends.