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Computationally Efficient Mean-Shift Parallel Segmentation Algorithm for High-Resolution Remote Sensing Images

Wu, Tianjun, Xia, Liegang, Luo, Jiancheng, Zhou, Xiaocheng, Hu, Xiaodong, Ma, Jianghong, Song, Xueli
Journal of the Indian Society of Remote Sensing 2018 v.46 no.11 pp. 1805-1814
algorithms, computers, image analysis, models, remote sensing
In high-resolution remote sensing image processing, segmentation is a crucial step that extracts information within the object-based image analysis framework. Because of its robustness, mean-shift segmentation algorithms are widely used in the field of image segmentation. However, the traditional implementation of these methods cannot process large volumes of images rapidly under limited computing resources. Currently, parallel computing models are generally employed for segmentation tasks with massive remote sensing images. This paper presents a parallel implementation of the mean-shift segmentation algorithm based on an analysis of the principle and characteristics of this technique. To avoid the inconsistency on the boundaries of adjacent data chunks, we propose a novel buffer-zone-based data-partitioning strategy. Employing the proposed data-partitioning strategy, two intensively computation steps are performed in parallel on different data chunks. The experimental results show that the proposed algorithm effectively improves the computing efficiency of image segmentation in a parallel computing environment. Furthermore, they demonstrate the practicality of massive image segmentation when computer resources are limited.