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miRNomes involved in imparting thermotolerance to crop plants

Gahlaut, Vijay, Baranwal, Vinay Kumar, Khurana, Paramjit
3 Biotech 2018 v.8 no.12 pp. 497
bioinformatics, crop yield, crops, databases, gene expression, growth and development, heat stress, heat tolerance, microRNA, plant development, plant growth, researchers
Thermal stress is one of the challenges to crop plants that negatively impacts crop yield. To overcome this ever-growing problem, utilization of regulatory mechanisms, especially microRNAs (miRNAs), that provide efficient and precise regulation in a targeted manner have been found to play determining roles. Besides their roles in plant growth and development, many recent studies have shown differential regulation of several miRNAs during abiotic stresses including heat stress (HS). Thus, understanding the underlying mechanism of miRNA-mediated gene expression during HS will enable researchers to exploit this regulatory mechanism to address HS responses. This review focuses on the miRNAs and regulatory networks that were involved in physiological, metabolic and morphological adaptations during HS in plant, specifically in crops. Illustrated examples including, the miR156-SPL, miR169-NF-YA5, miR395-APS/AST, miR396-WRKY, etc., have been discussed in specific relation to the crop plants. Further, we have also discussed the available plant miRNA databases and bioinformatics tools useful for miRNA identification and study of their regulatory role in response to HS. Finally, we have briefly discussed the future prospects about the miRNA-related mechanisms of HS for improving thermotolerance in crop plants.