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A pressure drop model of U-typed reduction chamber for iron ore suspension roasting

Gao, Peng, Tang, Zhidong, Han, Yuexin, Li, Erlei, Zhang, Xiaolong
Powder technology 2019 v.343 pp. 255-261
air, aluminum oxide, cold, iron, models, powders, roasting
A pressure drop model for a U-typed reduction chamber was proposed from the pressure balance law to predict pressure in the bottom of fluidization chamber under its stable operation state. During steady roasting, the feeding particles descend in moving-bed mode in the supply chamber, while the particles move upwards in fluidization mode in the fluidization chamber. A cold test system was established and operated to study the performance of the U-typed reduction chamber using alumina particles with average diameters of 70.77 μm, 101.09 μm and 146.66 μm, respectively. Experiments revealed that the pressure in the bottom part of fluidization chamber decreased with the increased fluidizing air velocity, while increased with the increase of delivery rate. Besides, the particles height of supply chamber would be automatically adjusted according to the system pressure balance. The simulated pressure drop was in good agreement with experimental data giving an average deviation of 7.30%, demonstrating the validity of proposed algebraic model. Therefore, it can be used to predict the pressure in the bottom of fluidization chamber for the U-typed reduction chamber.