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Detecting stability of conical spouted beds based on information entropy theory

Savari, Chiya, Sotudeh-Gharebagh, Rahmat, Kulah, Gorkem, Koksal, Murat, Mostoufi, Navid
Powder technology 2019 v.343 pp. 185-193
entropy, particle size, powders, prediction
Effects of particle size, particle density, gas inlet diameter and static bed height on the stability of operation in conical spouted beds were investigated through analyses of information entropy of pressure fluctuations. In this respect, the maximum information entropy of pressure fluctuations was used as a stability criterion. The results showed that stability of the bed increases with an increase in the maximum entropy. The maximum information entropy of pressure fluctuations increases with increasing particle size and bed height while decreases with increasing gas inlet diameter and particle density. A stability map was also prepared to present the effect of operating parameters on the maximum entropy. Moreover, a correlation for prediction of maximum information entropy was developed to determine the stable operation conditions of conical spouted beds operating with low as well as high density particles.