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Advances in online methods for monitoring microbial growth

Zhang, Xuzhi, Jiang, Xiaoyu, Hao, Zhihui, Qu, Keming
Biosensors & bioelectronics 2019 v.126 pp. 433-447
automation, biosensors, food industry, health services, microbial growth, monitoring
Understanding the characteristics of microbial growth is of great significance to many fields including in scientific research, the food industry, health care, and agriculture. Many methods have been established to characterize the process of microbial growth. Online and automated methods, in which sample transfer is avoided, are popular because they can facilitate the development of simple, safe, and effective growth monitoring. This review focuses on advances in online monitoring methods over the last decade (2008–2018). We specifically focus on optic- and electrochemistry-based techniques, either through contact measurements or contactless measurement. Strengths and weaknesses of each set of methods are described and we also speculate on forthcoming trends in the field.